The Philippines: Arsenal of Faith, Deposit of Christianity in the East

By Felipe Salvosa II

The story of the Philippines is the story of the Church’s “most successful missionary effort in Asia” (Bokenkotter, 2005). Like the proverbial grain of the mustard seed sown in fertile earth, the growth and development of the Church and the Philippines were the fruits of the labors of missionary friars, sustained by an indigenous clergy, and made vibrant by a faithful people. Jesuit historian Fr. John Schumacher writes: “Whether one is a believing Catholic or not, the development of the Filipino nation cannot be understood without a knowledge of the major, often decisive role that the Church has played, well or ill, in that process, and continues to play.”

I.  Spain conquers the Philippines with the Cross of Christ

II.  A Church established by missionary zeal

III.  Spiritual life flourishes among Filipinos

IV.  A Filipino clergy emerges

V.  A missionary church for Asia and the world



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